Available for download are three tracks off the upcoming LP on Parts Unknown: Track 2 Track 10 Track 11

LP tour pressing is sold out, regular press out soon

'Kill the Muscle' single available now, probably sold out.

split 7" with idol punch - on it's third press, distro here.

Past Shows:

26th show - saturday, april 24th 2004. hubbard, oh. section 8 skatepark. upstab, career suicide, the rites, more.

25th show - saturday, march 27th 2004. allentown, pa. the pirate's cove. vitamin x, suburban death machine, defiant trespass.

24th show - friday, march 12th 2004. trexlertown, pa. the trexlertown grange. the spark, carpenter ant, hockey night, white-hot kid.

23rd show - friday, december 19th 2003. clifton heights, pa. the dungeon. career suicide, r'n'r, celebrity murders, paint it black.

22nd show - sunday, august 17th 2003. victorville, ca. old fly theater. out of vogue.

21st show - saturday, august 16th 2003. berkeley, ca. gilman street. iron lung, annihilation time, out of vogue.

20th show - friday, august 15th 2003. blue lake, ca. bowling alley. out of vogue, the crooks.

19th show - monday, august 11th 2003. las vegas, nv. hammer house. out of vogue, jesus fuck the sun.

18th show - sunday, august 10th 2003. los angeles, ca. arts in action. hit me back, out of vogue, harry balzagna and the teenie weenies, out of vogue.

17th show - saturday, august 9th 2003. san diego, ca. ucsd radio. life crisis, out of vogue.

16th show - friday, august 8th 2003. allentown, pa. the pirate's cove. carpenter ant, the latterman. $5. 7:00.

15th show - thursday, may 29th 2003. allentown, pa. the pirate's cove. el guapo, the wind-up bird. $5. 7:00.

14th show - friday, april 4th 2003. easton, pa. sober club. desperate measures, panic attack, worn thin, one up, cold like december. $7. 7:00.

13th show - sunday, march 30th 2003. philadelphia, pa. fort awesome. tornado of knives, the deadly, bones brigade. $5. 3:00. more info.

12th show - saturday, february 8th 2003. allentown, pa. the pirate's cove. carpenter ant, torchbearer, kill the witness, tornado of knives.

11th show - monday, december 23rd 2002. reading, pa. the bassmint. the deadly, anodyne, more.

10th show - friday, november 15th 2002. allentown, pa. muhlenberg university. give me danger, the scarlet letter, more.

9th show - saturday, october 5th 2002. allentown, pa. the pirate's cove. crucial unit, municipal waste, robot attack, no time left. $5. 6:00. more info.