The Ultimate Warriors 'Our Gimmick Is Wrestling' LP

Mixing blast beats, scathing scene commentary, dai nippon, and more obscure wrestling references for you not to get, the Ultimate Warriors blaze through 20 tracks of "cool 3 years ago" hardcore. Without a doubt their most challenging and varied effort to date, the Warriors pull no punches and keep listeners on their toes, reaching absurd speeds only to twist around to a crushing breakdown, not unlike Mr. Pogo stabbing his sickle, maniacally yet controlled, into the arm of Shadow WX.

The first pressing of this 12" record consists of 200 copies on black vinyl, all with plain white center stickers. 166 copies come inside old LP jackets, complete with the old LP still inside the cover. They also came with a full-color insert. 21 copies came inside jackets for a Jughead's Revenge album, with a sticker on the front cover as the only information. 13 copies came inside white 12" single jackets, stamped with pink and green wizards, without any sort of identifiable information with the record. Of the 200, some have writing on the center stickers. There were 10 test pressings, the vinyl identical to the regular press. They all had elaborate handmade covers, a ticket to an Ultimate Warriors show, and a 'Nazo Crew' compilation booklet.

01 - Bring the Danger
02 - Totally Toryumon!
03 - In Reference to Hardcore Kids
04 - Teddy Ruxpin Moshed to Oblivion
05 - W*ing Praise
06 - Stop Blocking Vmaas' Shots, Ugly
07 - Knee Deep in Barbed Wire
08 - Stoker I
09 - The Warrior Scene is in Shape
10 - Song About Wrestling
11 - The Only Good Mark...
12 - Do You Think Sexism is Wrong? Hey, So Do We!
13 - Our Gimmick is Wrestling
14 - Barbs, Bulbs and Homna
15 - Nazareth Streetlight Workout
16 - Death of the Rebel
17 - Test Press for Tino
18 - Whitman Gives Me Diahrrea Face
19 - I Object
20 - Bob Magee Must Perish

Released January 2002. Co-released with Double Decker Records.


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