Nice Nice 'There Will Be Slogans' 7"

Nice Nice continue to create a new path for sound and music with the release of this three song 7". Following their mind-melting debut on Archigramophone, Nice Nice continue to weave the strumming of guitar and the blips and bleeps of that same guitar's looped squawks into an audio tapestry the likes of which no one has heard before. Air-tight drumming cuts a groove deeply into Nice Nice's skin, letting the red blood of the constant and furious manipulation/improvisation flow freely. These songs are a proper introduction to the unusual yet addicting sound of Nice Nice. Notorious for absurdly genius live shows, music listeners can only hope Nice Nice continue to amaze and delight for many more years.

There are 530 copies pressed, all on clear vinyl with full color center stickers. 25 copies came with math class overhead projection inserts, the rest come with standard 1/4 sheet inserts on xeroxed paper. All come with full color glued covers.

01 - Still Flux Bandits
02 - Call Reluctance
03 - There Will Be Slogans

The Wire:
An excellent new record by a Portland, Oregon duo called Nice Nice, There Will Be Slogans (White Denim #3, 7") reflects some of the sliced angularity of the current neo no-wave groups, but in a far less frantic manner than we've come to expect. The drums play a real sorta rock slap-beat. The guitar and radio effects surge around instead of trying to overwhelm you. And there's a jocularity to the effort that is very different than the industry standard. It's real nice and noisy without clobbering you over the head. Which may well be a good thing.

Here's a band that kinda lives up to its name. It's weird that I like it because this music sounds surprisingly close to an 80s downtown NYC vibe -- I'm talking Material, the Golden Palominos, 80s Fred Frith solo albums, My Life In The Bush of Ghosts, that kind of shit -- which is shit that I NEVER listen to because, well, you know, right? (Laswell=Garth Brooks.) It's like avant-funky grooves with all kinds of electronic slurpage going on o'er the top. Not my bag on paper, but what makes me like it is simply that it's NOT from downtown NYC in the 80s, it's from RIGHT NOW in Portland, OR and it's released by a label that is wicked underground and has a good name to boot: White Denim.

Released November 2002


White Denim
PO Box 605
Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004 USA