Air Conditioning 'I'm in the Mountains, I'll Call You Next Year' LP

Like a crop-wrecking flood or one bite too many at a buffet, Air Conditioning really hurt with their debut full length vinyl. While only three separate recordings comprise this 40+ minute opus, each track separates into varying temperatures and time zones, free from any artificial captivity. Riffs contract and expand like the Mother Brain, missles flying through a two-dimensional background. 'I'm in the Mountains...' provides an experience holier than most sermons and more filling than most ales. The gatefold packaging is a perfect home to this intimidating 12" long player; it's black and grey tones sucking the color from it's surroundings.

There are 498 copies pressed, each on black vinyl with black center stickers. Each copy comes in a gatefold cover. 20 copies were lost in the mail on the way to San Francisco, 10 copies were lost in the mail on the way to Atlanta, and 10 copies were damaged en route to San Francisco and marked as promos. There are 5 test pressings, each with United "test pressing" center stickers. Each test press comes in a plain dust sleeve without any sort of cover.

01 - Unravel Your Navel, It's Mardi Gras
02 - Heaven is a Solid, Hell is a Gas / Re-entry / Fractions of the Man I Used To Be
03 - Citizens Band / I'm in the Mountains, I'll Call You Next Week

Super-soaked speed dirge. Stopped keeping track of Acid Mothers Temple? Mainliner too monochromatic? High Rise left you feeling low? Well, why cross the pond? Sit back and turn on the Air Conditioning, the skull-wrapping sounds of some all-American yankees going to WORK. Judging from the picture that graces the handsome inner gatefold (a gatefold?? nice!), this monster band is two guitars and drums -- maybe this is what the Dead C would sound like nowadays if they'd gotten meaner instead of sleepier. I don't know, one or two or all of these guys used to be in a more straight-up noise group called An Oxygen Auction, remember them? This is total speculation, but I think they were saying something to themselves like "I love gnarling out with all this crazy noise but why can't we rock out with a drummer like we're in fucking Hawkwind?," and then they heard/saw Lightning Bolt and Sightings and were given the KEY. And they were able to use this key without having to MAKE A COPY. (Get my metaphor?) Also, their particular knowledge of black metal is tastefully assimilated (check the vocals on the third and last track, "Citizen's Band/I'm In The Mountains, I'll Call You Next Year"). Pretty fucking heavy overall -- one of the best new names on the 'heavy' scene out there in 2003 besides the usuals (Wolf Eyes, the aforementioned L.B. & S., bands with Matt Pike in them, etc.).

Punk Planet:
This seriously sounds like standing underneath a hovercraft. Everything about this three-piece is completely overblown, creating a surreal, yet oppressive atmosphere. The production hinders the performance, but imagining this pounding fuzz in a studio definitely scares the shit out of me.

Released September 2003. Co-released with Peel Back The Sky.


White Denim
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Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004 USA