Eddy Current Suppression Ring 'You Let Me Be Honest With You' 7"

Eddy Current and his mighty Suppression Ring cut a slice of punk rock so smooth it needs not be chewed on this two-song single, their first release in the United States. The ghosts of Fun Things, The Monks and X (Australian, naturally) are all graced with a wiry sense of humor and fly out of Eddy Current's rusty amps. True rock n' roll all-ages fun, these two tracks are probable cause for beer to shoot out your nose in the back seat of your girlfriend's car.

There are 350 copies pressed, each on black vinyl with white cardstock jackets. There are 20 test pressings on black vinyl in white dust sleeves.

01 - You Let Me Be Honest With You
02 - We'll Be Turned On

Dusted Magazine:
Its not too much of a surprise why Eddy Current Suppression Ring have been talked up so much in garage and punk circles over the past year. This Australian band has virtually no problem with playing hard, sparse, fast, simple 77 punk from the pub as if they were the first to do so, and its that ownership over their sound that makes it all work. Fans of the Saints, Pink Flag, the Australian X, and the Hives will likely be down with You Let Me Be Honest With You, but the organ-led B-side Well be Turned On proves that the band can step away from those masks and detune into dronebeat bedroom athletics as well. Edition of 351 copies, and going fast.

Terminal Boredom:
First domestic vinyl from Australia's hottest recent export. A-Side is a triumph of stripped-down forward-motion rock'n'roll. Alive with a subdued intensity and a taut structure built on a meat-n-potatoes rhythm and sharp guitar work. One of their best tunes (so far). B-Side is a slightly goofy organ/keys-driven number (no guitar) and a somewhat pleasant and lighthearted contrast to the stolid A-Side. It's an average flipside...meaning I've listened to this record probably over twenty times already and flipped it over only two or three times. Well worth it just for "You Let Me..." however. Scum stats: this could oddly prove to be just as painful for some to acquire as the import records people have been scrambling for as it was pressed in an edition of a scant 351 copies.

Z Gun:
They succeed just as well in the short-format, as "You Let Me Be Honest With You" rivals any tune of their LP and might just be the purest distillation of their powers available. There's even a vague post-punk feel to it this go-around. The flip is a true B-side, playful if not intentionally "lite" and ridiculous. As die-hard as I am, I've only had the strength for three spins of it. At least they know when to fool around. The 45 is their only domestic release thus far and limited in the sub-400 copy range. Grrr...seek and you shall find.

Released October 2007. Co-released with Metropolitan Recluse.


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