Private Entertainment 'Four Tracks' 7"

On their debut 7" single, Private Entertainment blow a cold air into your face and nostrils with these four tracks. Only a duo from Moscow can emit such a glassy, melancholic noise, simple yet strange. Calling to mind the dark gradient aesthetic of November Novelet or a hazy, unwoken Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons, Private Entertainment cover a decent range of synthesized sound in the confines of this small plastic disc.

There are 419 copies pressed, each on clear vinyl with pro-printed and -glued sleeves. There are 6 test pressings on black vinyl with stamped center stickers in regular sleeves.

01 - Flowers
02 - He's Dancing In My Belly
03 - The Dream
04 - Emission

Dusted Magazine:
Icy, sensuous minimal synth/coldwave duo from Russia, last heard on the second Wierd Records compilation. Three of the four tracks here stay in pop territory, with simple and ominous verse/chorus structures, deep female vocals barely raising a pulse. The last, “Emission,” is a satisfying, if common, burst of phased electronics, oscillating in anticipation of danger. Nice release from a label that continues to impress. Clear vinyl.

Record Collector:
Moscow’s Private Entertainment come over like the missing link between Kraftwerk and Men’s Recovery Project, issuing four cuts of burbling nightmarish circuitry with sultry female incantations promising all permutations of criminal, psychological and sexual mischief. The Dream is a particularly disturbing post-gothic ride, built and broken upon the backs of some antiquated synthesiser work, unravelling a hedonistic journey that scrapes at the underbelly of some otherworldly sin. For those eagerly awaiting that Fever Ray album, this might just be the stop-gap you need.

Z Gun:
Subdued Russian synth sounds that still manage to have some punk tension to them. The four songs are so similar that though I've listened to this a dozen times, I have one blurred pulse in my head. And that pulse is fine, given that it is a good pulse, something that reminds me of the hum of a florescent bulb flickering in the cold of an empty airport parking garage at 1 AM.

Released October 2008


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