Call Back the Giants 'Incidents of Travel' 12"

Call Back the Giants is the current project of Timothy Goss, whose work as a member of The Shadow Ring will remain influential and bizarre decades into the future. Often along with his step-daughter Chloe Mutter, Goss uses his Call Back the Giants moniker to take us on a DIY komische journey, where labyrinthine synths guide us through dark corners and misty alleys. His vocals truly set Call Back the Giants apart, however, as Goss weaves these transfixing narratives of jungle sickness and primal fear, recalling a Denis Johnson novel trapped inside The Legend Of Zelda.

There are 324 copies pressed, each on black vinyl with printed glossy cardstock jackets. There are 5 test pressings on black vinyl.

01 - Fever Dreams - The Hunt
02 - On the Fourth Day
03 - The Four Hundred Boys
04 - Snatch Bats

Released November 2012


White Denim
PO Box 605
Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004 USA