King Blood 'Where Is He' 7"

Under the King Blood moniker, Ry Wharton creates raw and ragged guitar music. He pulls influence from classic rock, heavy metal, blues, NWOBHM, stoner rock and thrash, pretty much any form of riff-oriented guitar music, and strips it down until only the rusted shell remains. His songs are minimalist, sunburnt meditations on hard n' heavy riffing - just imagine the Dead C trying on Judas Priest's wardrobe and you're halfway there. On 'Where Is He', King Blood take notable influence from one of the greatest rock groups ever to exist - we'll let you figure out who.

There are 298 copies pressed, each on black vinyl with matte fold-over sleeves. There are 5 test pressings on black vinyl.

01 - Dust, Bones
02 - Well, Well, Well

Released June 2013


White Denim
723 League Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147 USA