Young Trynas 'Probably Music' 7"

DC hardcore has a rich and illustrious history, and you might as well stuff it all into the toilet when Young Trynas are out on the prowl. They play an ugly, unrefined form of hardcore-punk that's equally indebted to Madball, Hole and Fang, both sonically and spiritually, although Young Trynas are simply making music the only way they know how, rather than attempting to reenact any bygone era. Having previously self-released these five songs on a highly-limited cassette in 2013, White Denim has had the tracks remastered for vinyl, keeping the basement crud and upping the sonic punch for what is surely one of the most unique yet gnarly hardcore EPs this year or any.

There are 308 copies pressed, each on black vinyl with full-color printed and glued sleeves. There are 5 test pressings on black vinyl.

01 - No Right
02 - I Love You
03 - Be Gone
04 - Control
05 - $

Released January 2015.


White Denim
723 League Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147 USA