Graham Dunning 'Tentation' LP

London's Graham Dunning has carved out his own unique sonic space as an avant-garde experimentalist. Creating stunning works in the fields of noise, field recording, and ambient, its his fascination with home-made dub techno that has gained a good deal of attention, and rightly so. Using his so-called "mechanical techno machine", Dunning creates long form psychedelic dub techno in real-time, essentially a Hibachi grill of techno. It's an ingenious setup, utilizing basic laws of physics to create hypnotic, live-action loops, and Tentation, his first full-length vinyl LP, captures two deep excursions into this fascinating and hypnotic sound.

There are 315 copies pressed, each on black vinyl with full-color printed and glued sleeves. There are 5 test pressings on black vinyl.

01 - Another Rhythem
02 - Ping Pong Rhythem

Released September 2018.


White Denim
723 League Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147 USA