Credit: Shawn Breen


Dan Caldas - drums
Daniel Martin-McCormack - guitar, vocals, percussion
Hugh McElroy - bass, keyboards, vocals
Jacob Long - bass, percussion
Mike Kanin - drums


From the historically rich in music DC / Maryland area, Black Eyes have been causing quite a stir for such a short existence. Any and all hype is completely justified however, as their percussion-intensive, rhythmic sound is nothing short of explosive. With a sound that could easily be placed on any of the infamous Earcom compilations, Black Eyes draw influences from a wide scale of late 70's post punk, referencing the Pop Group and Gang of Four, yet clearly standing apart from the groups attempting to rehash a sound that means nothing more to them than an awkward haircut and a simple beat.

Rather than playing by the numbers, Black Eyes examine and toy with percussion, bass tones, and the previously defined conventions of danceable punk music. After building up a suitable groove, Black Eyes strangle the rhythm to submission, crusty cymbals tossed about and microphones acting as tissues to their sweaty, yelling mouths. As good as their currently small discography may be, there is no substitution for witnessing Black Eyes in the corner of a damp, sweat-soaked basement.

Modern without sounding over-produced, Black Eyes delivered to the world a 7" on the Ruffian imprint, followed most recently with an Early Humans split 7", another incredible and often overlooked DC area band. Most notably, Dischord has taken notice to the energy and intensity of Black Eyes, agreeing to release a full length come Spring of 2003. It comes as no shock, because Black Eyes clearly contain the passion, intensity and love of music that Dischord has always supported. Black Eyes make it clear that they are a cohesive unit, egoless with the only intention of creative powerful, exciting music.


The Official Black Eyes Website
Ruffian Records
Planaria Records
Dischord Records


White Denim
PO Box 605
Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004 USA