May 6th, 2002. Credit: Rayna Anderson


Dan Martin - sampler, laptop, electronics


Milwaukee's own Doormouse has been rearranging the standard protocol for electronic music for a relatively short time, but has left an incredibly large impression on a field oversaturated with run-of-the-mill artists and vinyl. Rather than finding a suitable niche that has already been established, Doormouse and his closely-knit crew of troublemakers follow their own unique visions towards complete audible licentiousness. Founding Addict Records, Doormouse created an outlet for some of the most grating and precise electronic records to be released in recent years, from the likes of himself, Stuntrock, Abelcain, Venetian Snares, et al.

The Doormouse sound is difficult to pinpoint, as most tracks vary in sounds, yet flow smoothly and all possess the distinct Doormouse touch. While there are plenty of harsh scrapings of breaks and rolls to be found within Doormouse's work, the true beauty and distinction lies in the sounds and washes of noise that create the mood. Any good story has a great setting, and each of Doormouse's tales of cynical despair, tragedy and biting sarcasm are overflowing with peculiar twitches, perfect samples and delirious chatter. Any single Doormouse track contains more emotion (for better or worse) than most electronic artists can create in an entire album. It's incredible.

Doormouse's talent has not gone unnoticed, as Planet Mu, a staple of the flourishing electronic music scene has released one of Doormouse's finest recordings, the "Broken" album. While not carefully crafting such amazing material in the comfort of his home, Doormouse takes things above the rim by DJing, usually to audiences of dropped-jaws and wild smirks. Doormouse is a unique and enigmatic entity indeed, a brooding force that cannot be fully understood, as there is surely much more going on than listeners can completely wrap their heads around.


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