August 18th, 2001. Credit: Brian Froustet


Matt Franco - guitar
Avi Glickman - drums
Kevin Morris - vocals, trumpet
Jay Perdick - guitar
Phil Drummond - bass


The GTC are from the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, and are back from a bothersome 2 year hiatus. Always tight and ready to explode at any second, they manage to breathe life and excitement into a style of music that many bands have nearly destroyed with the sheer monotony and cookie-cutter songs and artwork. Instead of treading the usual trail of combining One Eyed God Prophecy drum beats and metallic riffs, they borrow from Honeywell and Constatine Sankathi, keeping it messy, angry, and brimming with ferocity. Rather than making their music a nostalgic trip for those who were around "back then," they add an urgency and strain to their sound to which few can compare.

One instantly notices the genuine quality of The GTC upon first look; they will never be caught with the black hair, black clothes, and drab smirk that seems almost required to be in a "screamo" band in 2002. they have been around long enough to know that anyone who completely subscribes to an image will surely change in a week. The GTC will stick to their dirty t shirts and jeans, and continue to scream in the faces of anyone and everyone they can. One feels jittery and unnerved after watching a GTC live show, most likely because they just received real, unfaked emotion and power, which is slowly becoming more and more uncommon in punk rock.

The GTC are now fully charged and ready to play any show they can, please be sure to contact them if you're sick of watching bands pose and fake their way though live shows. and if you're nice, after they play, they will fix your computer, because they are all sweet fellows and know their hardware.


The Official GTC Website


White Denim
PO Box 605
Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004 USA