April 1st, 2001. Credit: Archigramophone


Jason Buehler - guitar, radio, megaphone
Mark Shirazi - drums, percussion


Nice Nice are an amazing guitar/drums duo from Portland, Oregon. They take the blips and scattered sounds of harsh laptoptronica and add a human, personal vibe; they take the pulsing rhythms and danceable beats of the early no-wave scene and throw it down a flight of stairs covered in contact mics. Nice Nice can skronk with the best of them, yet are not so caught up in the self-servingness that such jams might inflict; they always keep the listener or live audience enthralled.

Playing a musical Tetris of sorts, the listener is usually most shocked when it is revealed that all of Nice Nice's material is looped, dubbed, and twisted on the spot, giving each sound an explosive, infantile nature that is never found inside an iMac. The patterns and sound textures are interlocked and woven in such fantastic ways, a veritable Longaberger basket of sound implementation.

With all those big words being thrown around, one might come to the assumption that Nice Nice are too brainy and complex of an act for most to follow or even comprehend. Just like watching NASCAR because you're too lazy to change the channel, that assumption is wrong. Like any cool rock band, Nice Nice have broken light bulbs during their sets, as well as utilized any and all foreign objects not originally created for their audible nature. There is no limit to the complexity or simplicity of the Nice Nice sound, everybody is welcome here.

Nice Nice are always working on new sounds and experimentation, and can be found sharing bills with some of the other more interesting and creative musical acts of today. With the release of their CD3 on Archigramophone and their 7" on White Denim, Nice Nice continue to blow the minds of aging jazz musicians, punk rockers, and everyone in between.


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White Denim
PO Box 605
Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004 USA