April 9th, 2003.


Brad Fry - vocals, bass guitar
Randy Huth - guitars, programming
Matt Kosloff - vocals
Tim Wynarczuk - drums
Jonny the Catt - antics


The Ultimate Warriors, hailing from the quiet racing town of Nazareth, Pennsylvania, have made a name for themselves across the globe as the premiere professional wrestling hardcore punk outfit. Starting as nothing more than a one-off project while they were all underclassmen at Nazareth High, The Ultimate Warriors have mushroomed into more than anyone ever could've expected, including the Warriors themselves. For the past 4 years the Ultimate Warriors have been bringing fast, moshy, noisy hardcore to the forefront, with a decidedly wrestling theme, both lyrically and presentationally. A slew of split 7"s and compilation releases under their belts, the Warriors continue to grow and shape their sound, never getting stuck in the past, but equally never flowing with the trend of the week. After numerous member changes, the three core members: Brad Fry, Randy Huth and Matt Kosloff have always remained, always willing to experiment with someone or something new.

The Ultimate Warriors live show is something that must be witnessed to be believed; they have never done the same show twice. From messy chaos with gorillas and bananas, to barbed wire chains, to microwaves being brought in from a window by the head Warrior troublemaker, Jonny the Catt, no one is ever sure what to expect, not even the Warriors themselves. The mix of spontaniety along with calculated control is the main factor for the continuous enjoyment of their live shows.

Members of the Ultimate Warriors are always very busy, contributing in such other projects as the Gatecrashers (early 80s hardcore), Pearls & Brass (mathy, bluesy hard rock), Torchbearer (early 90s melodic hardcore) and most notably the sadly defunct Brookside Wrestling Alliance, where the Warriors display that their wrestling "gimmick" isn't a fake. Currently, both Brad and Jonny wrestle professionally in the new federation Chikara, having already worked matches with La Parka and Tracy Smothers. Ridiculous!

The Ultimate Warriors will continue on, regardless of popular standing or member change. No one is ever sure what to expect from them, yet they always manage to continue growing and getting better.


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